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How the Design Process Works:

Initial Meeting:


After contacting Mr. Robinson he and the client will have an initial consultation to discuss the project. Information such as style, budget and time frame for construction will be gathered. A survey of the property is also collected.

Schematic Design:

ASR Architecture will provide a contract for the client to sign and return. At that point work will begin. The site will be evaluated for zoning requirements. The prevailing codes will also be reviewed. Sketches will be prepared for review at the next meeting. These sketches will be basic in nature and demonstrate how the spaces will flow and what the building will look like.

Design Development:


At this phase the plans and elevations are further developed. Materials and structural issues are discussed. Basic electric, plumbing and life safety items are addressed.

Construction Documents:


Once the client signs off on the Design Development drawings then the final plans can be produced. Typically these drawings are more detailed than the drawings in the Design Development phase. Specifications and details help the general contractor construct the building accurately, on time and within budget. These drawings are also used to obtain the necessary permits for construction.



At the request of the client  ASR Architecture will provide a list of qualified contractors. These contractors will receive a set of plans to prepare a preliminary cost of construction.

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